It was so much fun looking through all of the photos so many of you sent as entries into “Lizzy’s Cake’s Photo Inspiration” contest I had running! There were crazy original works of art, to simple still life shots, to beautiful personal photos sent… someone even sketched out their own vision of a design for me to marvel over! You guys have a great sense of design. I am SERIOUSLY impressed. Thank you SO much for taking the time to participate!

But, alas, I had to narrow it down to one picture,and there was one I just kept coming back to. The picture of the bath toys kept catching my eye, mainly because of the adorable, crocheted-like duckie in it!

It jogged my memory, and I instantly recalled Lizzy loving the baby board book, “Gossie” when it was given to one of my kiddos as a present, years back.

That was the winning picture. I knew I needed to design the cake around this idea.

The idea of one of those natural-weave baskets, like the ones Pottery Barn loves to use in their displays, came barging into my head… and I also fell in love with the little Pottery Barn plush lamb I came across a while back and thought that might look cute hanging out of the basket.


Lizzy is a no fuss, no frills kindo’ girl, but with style and class. Kind of like Pottery Barn’s style, so I knew I had to keep it simple and sweet.

It was ALL I could do to not add any flowers or glitter onto the cake somewhere, but Thomas (my husband and Lizzy’s brother) kept reminding me that THAT was not Lizzy. So I controlled my frilly urges for once, kept to Lizzy’s yellow and grey color scheme, and kept my design glitter-free.

She loved it. YAYY!!

I also made the favors for the shower… little yellow frosted cupcakes with silver sprinkles, wrapped in clear favor bags, tied with a simple yellow or silver glitter bow (you knew I was going to get that glitter in there, somewhere, right?) and hand-crafted little tags with a simple “E” on them.

(We refer to this little, unborn bambino as baby “E” since they are sure that’s what it’s name will start with. Eric and Elizabeth Hepkins want their baby to have the same initials. ) 🙂

Now, we’re just waiting on Baby E to make our Christmas extra special this year!

So, only two more baby showers to design for in the family. And I don’t know what they’re planning, but I’M planning on that needing to be done sometime in the very near future. 😉


Video on how I made this basket cake, up top.

And have WONDERFUL Thanksgiving next week (if you’re in the States)!! We have so very much to be thankful for.
My cup runneth over… Xx


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