A 70th Anniversary!  Can you believe it?  Can you imagine?  70 years together… the things you’ve seen, the things you’ve shared, the love that must bind you.  That is something deeper, more real than most of us will probably ever experience in our lifetime.  But I aspire to it.  And I pray that God will keep this man of mine glued to my side for that long, or at least as long as I’m here.
And that he won’t want to kill me, by the end of it all. 😉

Now, when you’ve been around for that long, I think you tend to know what you think, what you like, and what you want, right?  This great couple is no different.  My original design included black and white anemones and some black and white painting…
and even though they said it VERY politely, they were NOT having it.


“How about some color?  Gerber daisies are a favorite… and stephanotis flowers were in the wedding bouquet…”  That was the new brief.  A new design was to be had.   So, I attempted to go a little Faye Cahill this time, as her style is, well how do I put it, INSANELY GORGEOUS…  and this was the end result.


I added a little bling to the centers of the flowers, wanting to give them a slightly special touch.  Yes, because, as most know, I’m obsessed with sparkle, but mostly because if a couple has journeyed through the ups, downs, ins and outs of 70 years TOGETHER…
then in MY mind they will always sparkle. Xx


Video up top on how to make a gumpaste Gerber daisy.


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