I’ve got a brand spankin’ new schedule set up for myself for this brand new year, and I intend to stick to it if it KILLS me! (Well, maybe I don’t want to die, so much… but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.)

This past week was my first “go” with the new plan, and by GOLLY, I’ve DONE IT! (Ok, so it’s only been three days, but baby steps people… baby steps.)

Anywho… my plan was to get my gumpaste peony tutorial up and running for you by Tuesday night… and you’ll never believe this, but I had it done MONDAY night! Go me, go me….go, go, go ME! 😉

Ok, so here it is. But a couple of notes first…

The peony is my VERY FAVORITE flower. With that being said, I must tell you…I just have a hard time putting only a few petals on my sugar peonies. I’m not emotionally able to do it. SO, I make them FULL. Which means, this tutorial is not necessarily a QUICK one, but it IS very simple, and hopefully that makes up for it. 😀

sugar vase

Also, I like to speed up my videos. That’s just how I roll. I understand that’s not everybody’s style, but it’s how I like to do it, so I’m sticking with it.

With THAT being said, please keep in mind that you can pause the video as many times as you need to… to read what’s on the screen or to just stop and focus on a particular part. I pause a video a GAZILLION times when I’m watching a tutorial so that I can really take it all in. So don’t forget about that indispensable feature!

new ruffles & peony 2

AAAAND, you can even hit that little settings (gear) icon in the bottom right of your screen, and you can choose to slow the video down.  How cool is THAT?!

Winter wonderland cake 1

K guys… hopin’ you enjoy the video! (Even if you think my music is unbearable. I’d love to play my videos to a little Michael Jackson action and show you my moves… but then we’d have a WHOLE new set of issues.) 😉

Pink Peonys & Navy Patterns


Video up top on how to make a gumpaste peony.



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