When my sister-in-law and my now, brother-in-law finally settled on a “city (Buffalo, NY to be precise) in a blizzard” theme, for their wedding cake, that was both cool AND elegant at the same time, I have to admit… I had anxiety.

If I lack all else, I usually at least have ONE thing going for me… I can see, in my head, most of the designs I end up going with, like, WEEKS ahead of time. It’s not often that I am stumped on what I want to create.

This one had me up late at night, trying to explain to Thomas why I had a constant look of consternation on my face.

I could not see it.

My man stepped up to the plate.  Thomas opened up the laptop, and GOT.TO.WORK.  He Googled.  He presented all SORTS of ideas to me.  He was unaffected by my sullen, sour face.  (Yes… I was having a mini, Pinkalicious-type fit.  I know, right?  Can you believe it?  I’m usually such a sweet little angel. 😉 )

And he finally got my creative juices flowin’.

And then I got all KINDS of  excited.   (That guy knows just how to work me, I tell you.)

As he settled under the covers with a satisfied, smug little smile on his face, I drifted off to sleep… with visions of blowing snow and gray scaled cities swirling through my head.  (Um, that will certainly be the ONLY time visions of that sort will send me off peacefully into oblivion.  I guarantee it. )

And last week, this is what we created.


(Love…can…build…a…bridge………..or a black and white city in a bliiiiiiizard….) *snort*

Ok, so how did we do it?

With several printouts of the gray scaled skyline, my PRECIOUS (otherwise known as my airbrush), some modeling chocolate, my trusty  little Exacto knife (we are soooo best friends right now), and the teeniest, tiniest color shapers known to man (that I have recently fallen in love with and shower my affection upon.  My Exacto IS kind of jealous.)

And we cut.

And cut.


and cut.

Ok, ok, I’ll explain that a little further.  For each tier, we had three print outs of the skyline (the bottom tiers represents the famous grain mills in our city), and we cut the NEGATIVE space out of each of the two background, gray layers.  Then we cut out the foreground, black layer.  (See picture if you’re like WHA???)

We airbrushed each gray layer on, one at a time (letting them dry in between, ’cause DANG… you’ll mess THAT all up if ya don’t), and then, when both layers were completely dry, I cut the black layer out of modeling chocolate (veeeery carefully) and glued it on.  Time consuming, yes… but a very satisfying effect.  (And my tiny color shapers smoothed out all of the rough edges like a CHAMP.  In LOVE, I tell you.)

Next, I added a tiny little strip of white fondant across the bottom of each city scene to depict snow.

And lastly, for the blizzard look, I flicked the end of a NEW toothbrush (and I HIGHLY stress the word NEW.  Let’s not go there.) that was dipped into white food color, towards the city scene.

OH! And at the last minute (AFTER I took my finished photos, of course, grrr…) I added the snowplow.  It was a special request from the groom.  Most people thought it was a fun addition, having no clue of the inside joke that prompted the request.    Of which I am not allowed to speak.

‘Cause I’d get killed.

So I’ll just leave you guessing. 😉

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We’d be honored to have you with us. Xx



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