It’s true. I’ve been dying to make a princess castle cake ever since I started this gig.

Heck, that’s pretty much the first cake I ever wanted to make… but, uh, yeah. It just wasn’t happening back then.

What has taken so long for my opportunity to arise? I’ve no idea. But alas, it had finally shown up on my doorstep, with big brown puppy dog eyes and a silly little girl grin saying, “Please make me a castle cake, Aunt Shawna.”


Well, ok… that’s not exactly how it went down. Maybe my little niece, Mikayla (Mickey, for short), when asked what kind of cake she wanted for her big 6th birthday, replied with only one word, “Cinderella!”

But that was my chance!! A CINDERELLA CASTLE fit for my lil’ diva/princess niece!! So when I happily suggested such a thing to her, and she looked me square in the eye with narrowed brow and replied, “But there will be Cinderella somewhere, too, right?” I nodded fervently and snatched up my opportunity like it was my last belonging here on Earth.

I hang my head as I quietly confess to you… I am a wretched human being. And an even worse aunt.

I didn’t make Mickey her Cinderella. I got so caught up in the little details of the castle, trying to make it everything I’ve ever wanted a princess castle to be (and *ahem* having the time of my life)… that I simply ran out of time to make the rags to riches princess that should be residing in it. The actual, only request of the birthday girl.

So, I did what any self respecting aunt would do when stared in the face by certain, unforgiving disappointment and disaster.

I chumped out and bought a plastic Cinderella doll to add to the scene.  (Didn’t even get a picture with her in it.)

But, but… I bought the prince too… and they’re in their wedding attire… and they look so happy!!!

Stop looking at me like that. I do what I must to survive.

*cough* So anyway, here it is… one of the cakes on my bucket list, come to realization at long last.

Suffice it to say, I had fun. My inner girl was having a par-tay, smiling and dancing in triumph over my inner tomboy who was, incidentally, tied up in the attic for the time being. (That poor lil’ tomboy is systematically being edged out of the rankings, I’m afraid to say. Though, I’m not at all certain she’s too upset about it. Pretty sure she’s been thinkin’ bout packing up and flying the coop, for a while now, anyway.)

I used cardboard paper towel rolls to form my gumpaste turrets.

I used modeling chocolate for my blue turret tops and their flags.

I hand applied all of that gray onto those tiny bricks on the bottom of the cake. (oh em gee. *Bashing head against the wall*)

And yes, I used disco dust to enhance and delight.

‘Cause quite frankly, my inner princess would probably have taken me out at the knees if I even thought about leaving it off.
In her not quite so humble opinion, glitter makes the world go round.  Like, SERIOUSLY.

(Come on, don’t try to tell me sparkle doesn’t make you happy. I simply will not believe you.) 😉

The bottom tier is white almond cake, filled with chocolate ganache.  The top tier is made with a 4″ round styro dummy, but can absolutely be made with a 4″ cake just as easily.  We just didn’t need the extra, this time.

Everything else is edible, including the flag poles…

Castle trim was made using the fabulous edge cutters, found HERE.

The silver disco dust I used for sparkle can be found HERE.

The silver dragees (beads) I used on the center turret can be found HERE.

I get my FABULOUS backdrops (otherwise known as “bakedrops” 😉 from Sugar High, Inc.’s shop, HERE.

And the ridiculously easy modeling chocolate recipe/video tutorial I use, can be found HERE.


Princess Castle Cake tutorial, up top.



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