For the longest time I just couldn’t figure this out.

I mean, HOOOOOW were these crazy good people getting the edges of their cakes (ganache, buttercream &/or fondant) SO.DARN.SHARP. ????

I tried and triiiiiiiiiiiiiiiied to get them that sharp… and failed miserably more times than my li’l brain can count.

Then one day, I heard about this “Upside Down” technique.  WHAA??   “I’m sorry, did you just say I should flip my cakes UPSIDE DOWN in order to get those dang razor sharp edges?  Umm… I think there might be a li’l somethin’ wrong with your brain, right now.”

Yes.  That was my initial reaction.  CLEARLY these people were a few sandwiches short of regular ol’ picnic,if you were to ask me.

Ok fine. Really… I was just a big fat CHICKEN.  I could just see my cake falling COMPLETELY apart every time, and didn’t even have the guts to try it for, like, EVER.  Didn’t they know how crazy ideas like that never ever worked out for me??

Clearly, no.  And I was sceeeered.

But that was a long time ago.  And despite the big fat scaredy cat that I am, I married a strong, confident bulldog who’s always pushing me to ditch the fear and go for the gold… and every ONCE in a while, I listen to him.  (And other times I just want to scratch his eyes out.  Just… sometimes.  But, I digress…)

Eventually, I did the unthinkable.  With shaking hands and cringing face, I turned my little cake UPSIDE DOWN, and joined the ranks of the crazies who thought that was a good idea.

As it turns out, THEY WERE RIGHT.  (Slightly easier than saying “I was wrong”.)

My first attempt was, like, 5 billion light years  away from perfect, but once I got over the hump and just went for it, it wasn’t so scary anymore… and, in fact, I found it was actually quite brilliant!


(I LURVE this cake lace by Silikomart.  It’s the Tricot Decor line, and it’s soo easy to use! Click HERE to see the mat I used for this cake.)

Now there are other methods out there to achieve sharp edges on your ganache/buttercream, but this one stayed with me… and eventually, over the years of tweaking (not to be confused with twerking) and practicing, I developed my own little method of getting sharp edges, involving flipping my cake and a few other li’l methods that work well for me.

And I thought it was about high time I show you how I do it. 😉  So I went ahead and made ya a li’l video tutorial.

You can use this method with ganache OR buttercream.  I use it for ganache, always, whether I’m planning on covering my ganached cake with fondant or leaving it NEKID.  And I use it with an all butter based buttercream recipe, when requested, too!

Oh, and you can use it for ANY size cake tier!  (Well… any size that you can physically flip over, that is. 😉 )


So sit back, watch the video, take it all in, and TRY it.  And after your first attempt… try it AGAIN.  Don’t be a big fat scaredy cat like me.  ‘Cause… scaredy cats smell a li’l bit.  And they’re no fun at all.  (Plus they NEVER have sharp edges on their cakes.  Just sayin’. 😉 )

You gonna likey. I just KNOW it.

Video tutorial on how to ganache a cake with sharp edges, up top!


The reusable baking foil I use (and LOVE) in the video can be purchased right HERE.

 You’ll find the ganache recipe I use, with instructions on how to make it the easy way, in my recipes section.

And you need to check out The Pastry Portal!  I buy my chocolate (the Casa Luker 54%) in bulk from them.  It is delicious and PERFECT for making ganache with!

In fact, I love their ingredients and tools so much, I even have my own page setup over there for you to see just what I purchase from them! You can click on the picture below to check it out.

Oh and if you’ve a hankering to see how I made the roses for this cake, you can check out my rose tutorial, HERE! 🙂


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