My kids love the snow.


They nearly lose all self control with the first snowfall… begging to get their snow “gear” on the moment they see it.  And, as in numbers (four to be exact), they are a force to be reckoned with, I immediately bust open the “winter” chest and start tossing out the gloves and hats and scarves and snow pants… and the frenzy begins for another season.

They never quite tire of the snow.

But, once they are thoroughly frozen, from the tips of their toes to the icicles under their noses, they come tromping back inside, starting the strip down of their gear, and looking forward to the next part of this tradition as much as they did the snow frolicking.

They pull off their socks, situate themselves upside down on the chairs in front of the stoked, wood burning fireplace (highly inefficient but something we simply can not live without) so that their feet are basking in it’s heat…. and EAGERLY await their beloved mugs of hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate.  The good stuff.  Winter simply is NOT winter without it.

And that was the inspiration behind these steamy little toppers I made a few years back.  A symbol of something most of us Buffalonians hold dear… the sweet warmth in the midst of the frigid.

I put together a little video tutorial for you, back then, of how I made these guys.  They’re actually quite simple and easy to make if you use the silicone pan I show you in the video.

And they always impress the crowd.  ‘Cause whether you actually drink hot chocolate or not… somehow, the sight of it just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  You know?

Video up top of how to make the hot chocolate cupcake toppers.

( You can click HERE to for a link to the silicone pan used in the video.)

AND, these little mugs can even be adapted to a pretty tea party theme… for spring… when the thought of more snow actually makes you want to vomit.

(Wha?  Spend ONE winter over here, and you’ll be singing the same song.  I guarantee it.  We are cold-hearty… but even WE have our limits.)


  1. Donna Beltrame 2 years ago

    Love all of your work, wish I was as talented as you are

    • Author
      Shawna 2 years ago

      So lovely of you to say, Donna! Thank you!! Xx

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