On the 9th day of Chriiiistmas, my true love gave to meee….

nine ladies w watermark 1


Nine ladies dancing!!!


Ok, so you can’t see all nine of them, I know.  But trust me, they’re there!  The other eight are in the boxes… see the one’s head popping out, trying to escape??

lady in box 1

So, they may be a bit squished in there… limbs all twisted up and tempers flaring.  Could be a few cat fights happening in those cramped spaces, I don’t know.

sparkly bow 1

But they’re in there.  And they’re ready to dance.  And that’s what was promised on the ninth day of Christmas.

So, that’s what I delivered.

Nothing was ever said about HAPPY dancing girls.  But I digress… 😉

dancing lady 1


I had a vision for this one.  And while it didn’t start off exactly like THIS, I DID know that I wanted to use a gold and silver and white color scheme.  I knew I wanted to make a fancy dress on a pretty lady who was gettin’ her groove on… and I knew I somehow wanted the whole presentation to be a bit elegant, as well.

bird onlay 1

Coming up with a design to fit all o’ that criteria proved to be a bit more challenging than I had expected.

onlay mold 1

But, I busted out my Marvelous Molds onlays (which I’m in deep, dreamy love with as you may already know), broke out the gold highlighter dust and some of my left over edible silver leaf, dug out my gold and silver hologram disco dust (’cause this wasn’t HAPPENIN’ without a li’l glitter), whipped out some wafer AND rice paper this time, and GOT to gettin’ to it.

onlays 1

Did a li’l o’ this, and a bit o’ that… and this is what I ended up with.


Well, ok… I’ll give you a teensy bit more description than that… 😉


Video up top on how to make a sparkly, loopy bow.

Some info on how I made the cake, below…



So I sculpted a couple of ladies’ heads, to start.  I sculpted them out of modeling chocolate, painted on some details using petal dusts mixed with lemon extract, and added some silver dragees to embellish.


Then I covered my cakes with fondant (I’m only happy using Carma fondant ’cause it’s so stinking AWESOME to work with.)

I went and got my Marvelous Molds onlays out (this one is the Elisa Strauss Bird Onlay and I’m completely IN LOVE with it) and used those to get some patterns onto my “present box” tiers.  (Check out my blog post on using these crazy awesome onlays, HERE.)


And once I got the patterns on, I rubbed the raised pattern with just a touch of water and then rubbed some silver leaf transfer sheets over them to get them all silver and shiny… to try to capture the essence of vintage style present boxes.


Then, I flipped the bottom tier cake upside down add added a strip of fondant around the top edge (of which is now on your work surface ’cause you flipped it) to make it look like a box.

A day before putting the cake together, I constructed the lid of the top tier out of pastillage, which is much like gumpaste but dries much more quickly and harder.

I airbrushed the pastillage lid with gold sheen airbrush color once it was dry, but I was nervous to do the same to the faux lid on the bottom tier, thinking that gold over spray would probably get onto the cake.

So instead, I mixed some gold highlighter dust with lemon extract and painted it on.  But you can see in this photo how it didn’t cover well.  I decided to go over the paint job with a dusting of the dry highlighter dust once it was dry to see if that would help…

onlay mold 1

and it worked like a charm.  (And I should’ve done the same with the pastillage lid so that they matched better… but didn’t think of it ’till AFTER I took the photos.

‘Cause I’m a little slow.  This you already know.

Moving on…


I stacked the cakes and then to get the lid to stay “open” on the top tier, I inserted wooden skewers… two at the same height spaced but across from each other, and one a bit lower towards one end of the cake.


I brushed some melted chocolate onto the tops of the wooden skewers and laid the lid on top of them, positioned how I wanted it.


Next, I went about making my sparkly, loopy bow (video tutorial up top) and attached it onto the top…


and added a few long ribbon tails hanging down along the side.

The cake board I embossed using a lace mat (listed in my Tools Shop, of course 🙂 ) and then airbrushed when I airbrushed the pastillage lid.


I used wafer paper that I folded (all accordion-like and then folded in half) to fill in the gap between the cake and the lid.

Then I stuck a lady’s head in there and made some hands to attach to the lid so that it looked like she was holding it open.

(I didn’t make hands for her at first, and Thomas said she looked like she was about to be decapitated. *sigh* )


(See, no hands… preparing herself, rather cheerily mind you, for imminent death.)

I added a disco dust encrusted modeling chocolate rope and a silver leaf coated tag of wafer paper with a mod choc number 9 on it to let the world know that there were a total of NINE ladies involved in this shindig.


Then came the other lady’s modeling chocolate body, with some swinging hips that just won’t quit. 😉

dress details 1

I decided (since I had some in the house from a botched attempt at ordering wafer paper the first time around) to try my hand at using rice paper for the lady’s dress this time.

I definitely need to play around a bit more with it, but I loooooved using it for her dress!  Such a lovely alternative, I think, to using fondant!

dancing lady 1

Gave her some groovin’ arms, dusted some highlighter on her dress to add some pizzazz…

nine ladies w watermark 1

a sparkly ribbon ’round the cake board, and it was done!

But they’re in there, I tell you.

The rest of those ladies are IN the boxes.

Just ’cause you can’t see them, doesn’t mean I cut any corners and didn’t sculpt 7 more ladies!!

(Just go with it… it’ll make me feel better if you just nod and smile…

just this once. 😉 )Xx




 Oh, and one more thing!  Here’s a little video we (all of the contributors of this 12 Days Christmas project) put together for you to try to spread a little extra Christmas joy this holiday season.

Hope you get a laugh or two out of it (but just one or two laughs is quite enough, thank you very much)…

and we wish you all a VERY, VUUUURY merry Christmas!! Xx

Here’s the video…


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