So, one day I set out to make a perfect cake, in a perfect setting, on a perfect day. Everything was going perfectly as planned, I left myself the perfect amount of time to make it…and in short, EVERYTHING was perfect.

Aaaaand then I woke up.

new 1

Yeah, um… sooo, want the REAL version?

It was two days after Christmas…which basically meant I had ZERO time to prepare for this one.  But that was nobody’s fault.  There was a surprise birthday party for my sweet niece who would be leaving the next day on a plane ride home, so that’s when it had to be.


So I had a total of about 6 hours to whip this baby up… start to finish.  And if you know me, you already know how this is gonna go.

KK (my oldest sweetie niece) loves kittens.  And I found this adorable photo of a real kitten in a teacup, online… and my brain got stuck on it and refused to believe that the rest of me couldn’t make it happen in 6 hours.


 ( I added lines to make her fur by using my new Sugar Works, soft, pointed tip sugar shaper, here!
See the end of the post for a special discount on Sugar Shapers!)

Stupid brain.

Alright, I’m gonna make a long story short, here.


 (I airbrushed ‘er while looking at a picture of a real kitty.  See my airbrush system, here!)

I rushed.  (Lightening speed like I was Speedy Gonzales or somethin’.  Shouldo’ SEEN me. 😉

I nixed some of the design on the bottom tier I had planned, and just kept it simple.


And I finished the cake… about 2 minutes before we had to be OUT THE DOOR for the surprise party (as to NOT mess up the design by being late like we ALWAYS are ’cause of my perpetual lateness disease that I’ll tell you about another time.)

I photographed it in about 30 seconds flat, and then turned to rush off to throw a cute hat on to hide my hideous hair day, when Thomas attempted to move the cake onto a large board for delivery.

And that’s when disaster struck.


He tipped it, just slightly mind you…. the teacup on top wobbled a bit, and SPLIT nearly in half! WHA???

You see… because I was rushing, and hadn’t planned carefully enough, I had messed with the support straws in that teacup (holding up the kitty) a bit too much (changing their placement and such), and this weakened the cake.  (Plus, I didn’t use ganache like I really should have to help keep things together all nice and sturdy-like.)


And the cake split right where I had three support straws lined up in that teacup.

I tried to “glue” it back together with buttercream… I tried to hold the thing together while drove to the party… but by the time we arrived, the teacup was a COMPLETE goner.  UNSALVAGEABLE.  Kaput.

new 1

And I had to ditch it.  Fortunately, the kitty was still intact, so while laughing on the outside, and weeping on the inside… I removed the atrocity of a teacup and just popped the sleeping feline on top of the bottom tier.


And since most of the world was home sick with the flu on that day and only my immediate family was able to show for the party, I was spared severe shame and self torture for having been such a DUNCE.

Y’all, I out right SCREWED THAT CAKE UP!

And when Thomas said “You KNOW you need to take a picture of that mess and post it, right?” I hung my head and whispered, “Yes.  Yes… I know.”


But in the spirit of making all things new again, I’ve put together the video of how I made this cake… making sure you know how to do it WITHOUT a major crisis on your hands.

crocheted bow

 (I used a crochet mold to help make this edible ribbon.  See it here!)

And if you’re still nervous to try it out (like any rational human being would be) you can always skip the teacup and go for a much more stable BASKET or somethin’… or even just have it sleeping on top of the cake on a blanket.

kitten 1

‘Cause when I explained what happened to my niece and told her that I intended for her cake to be MUCH cuter in the end, she sweetly whispered, “I think my cake is super cute JUST the way it is.”

Gosh, I love that girl.  Even if she IS a really good liar. Xx

new 1

Video on how I made this cake, up top!


Oh, and guess what??  I’ve tried out a new brand of color shapers, called Sugar Shapers made by a company called Sugarworks!

The shapers are soo cool, and you get TWO sizes on one shaper!  LOVE them… and used them for this project while making the kitty’s fur and the details of the face.

AAAAND you can get 5% off by entering the coupon code “SHAWNAMCGREEVY” into the discount code box at checkout!!  (That’s meee!! 😉 )

Click here to check them out!!


They’re one of the best tools I have in my stockpile… and while they’re definitely an investment, remember that these new ones have TWO sized tips on one stick… so DEFINITELY worth it.  (And the sizes are about a size 6 and size 10 which are the sizes I use the most!)


kitten 1

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