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I’m just a girl.

I’ve tried to be more for most of my childhood.  I grew up wanting to show my big brother and his friends that there wasn’t anything they could do that I couldn’t… that I could play any sport just as well as the next guy, and I could be tougher than that rusty ol’ box o’ nails that sat on the shelf in the garage.

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I was wrong.

I simply didn’t possess the strength needed to hold my own in a game of tackle football.  And, really, WHO did I think I was kidding?  I wailed like a banshee when I pricked my finger on a rosebush.

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No matter the veneer I glued to my outside… the inside was, is and always will be made of a pink paradise… filled with glitter, beautiful shoes, ruffly bows, and as some old friends of mine would say, lots of “poofey stuff”…. where pain is avoided at all costs, and quite frankly, “tackling” anything is never allowed.

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I AM A GIRLY GIRL.  And in my (ever so slightly) old age, I’ve come to see that there’s no other thing I’d rather be.

Doesn’t mean I can’t play a mean game of volleyball  (erm… well “mean” may be slightly subjective here, these days), and pushing out four babies over the past several years can’t exactly be defined as “wimpy”, right?

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Just don’t put anything pretty, pink or shiny on the volleyball court (or anywhere close enough where it may call to me to come and touch it).  I mean, a girl HAS her priorities.

Just sayin’.

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Got to make this girly baby shower cake for my cousin last week.

And I loved every second of it. Xx

Video of how I colored and fashioned the wafer paper bows for you, up top. 

(Click HERE to see the wafer paper I use!)

Wafer Bows 1

 What the wafer bows look like all by their lonesome.






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I used my AMAZING stencil by Evil Cake Genius!!  

Their stencils are specially designed to create intricate designs on your cakes, and I have fallen deeply in love with them.

(Hubby understands.)

Click HERE to see all of their AWESOME options to choose from!!


Toile stencil





 See the TWO colors in that stencil? (There’s coral AND mint… though I’m a dunce and made the mint a bit too light for the white background.)

How cool is THAT?  Only with Evil Cake Genius’s stencils, baby!!


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