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This book has always gotten to me.

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From the second my li’l guy brought it home from Grandma’s house (she having passed it down to him as it was his father’s when HE was a li’l cowboy) and I opened it up to read it to him, I was besotted.


Remember how I talked last week about wanting to “feel” in this life?  Well, this book is JUST what I’m talkin’ about.

It’s called “The Brave Cowboy” and it’s written by Joan Walsh Anglund.


The illustrations are all in black and red, only.  The black being what exists in the li’l cowboy’s reality, and the red being what he’s imagining.


And as you might have guessed, he’s imagined himself in all of the potential scenarios a cowboy might have encountered, once upon a time… even, of course, rescuing a fair maiden from a tree (which happens to be his special little kitty, in his reality.)

And it moves me.


Maybe it’s because I have a brave li’l cowboy of my own…  one who spends most of his free time acting out the very same scenarios as the ones in this book.  Maybe it’s ’cause Joan was able to convey a sense of the adventurous imagination of sweet childhood through her amazing illustrations.   I’m sure it’s a bit of both.


But when I read it, I can only think of my OWN brave little cowboy… the one who ran into the house crying hysterically when he saw his little sister pop a red berry from our front tree into her mouth, absolutely heartbroken and quite certain that she was going to die.  (Errrm… we had prepped them on the dangers of eating random berries found in the woods.  So… yeah.  Heee took that to heart.)

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The same li’l cowboy who quietly sobbed too, next to his crying mama, as we both watched Gwen, Spidey’s love, fall to her death in the most recent Spiderman movie.  (Of which I have HUUUUUUGE beef with. Grrr…)


And while yes, he still has a slight, ummm… panicky  aversion to spiders at this point (you know… the screaming-at-the-top-of-his-lungs-and-running-for-his-life sort of “slight”) he is, to me, and always will be, the bravest cowboy of them all.

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And so, for his birthday this year, I thought I’d try to convey that “feeling” through his cake.

Hoping, that it would make him “feel”.  ‘Cause above all else, I always want him to know how brave, and loved, he is and will always be.

Love you, Finners.  My cup runneth over… Xx



cowboy centered



Video of how I made and attached the little cowboy topper, up top.



Cake Notes…


Before it was airbrushed.  And I used an impression mat to get the “wood” look.




Airbrushed with black.




Modeling chocolate sign, with hand cut letters and food coloring pen writing.

BEFORE I “weathered” the sides with my fingers and an airbrush.


Finn w logo 1


back 1

I used melted candy melts and a popsicle stick to attach the cowboy plaque.

(Learned that little trick from Peggy over at Peggy Does Cake.)

wood 1


Cut some slits and some pieces out of the top of the “wood” boards to give them a weathered look.


cowboy 1


full wide 1




I used the chocolate sour cream cake with non-crusting buttercream filling and chocolate ganache recipes for this one, all of which you can find in the recipe section!


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