Drugs have never enticed me.

Even as a young, stupid teenager, I never felt the slightest inclination to dabble in drugs or alcohol.

Make no mistake, there is not even a HINT of “righteousness” behind that statement, whatsoever… ’cause the Lord KNOWS I had (*cough* have) my own issues.  It’s just that “using” anything that would possibly alter my brain or body in any sort of negative way was nearly unthinkable to me.

I’s sceeered.

easter cupcakes wide 1


I couldn’t handle the idea that by ingesting some foreign substance, I may no longer have had complete control over my brain-to-mouth communication… therefore not being in control of what I said or did.   And while I STILL may not naturally have entire control, it seems, over these very things (stop snickering), I DO want to retain every POSSIBLE shred of control given to me to begin with.

In other words, I’m an idiot often enough already… imagine just what I’d be like adding something else into the pot.  Knaw I’m sayin’?

I recognized that as a kid, and it holds true for me, still.

one easter cupcake 1

And though, these days, you’ll often find me enjoying a glass of red wine with dinner or dessert, (or sometimes while I’m cooking, ’cause there’s just something about making good food, watching the news and sipping red wine all at the same time that speaks to me) one glass is usually as far as it goes.  I can honestly say, I’ve never really craved more or “excess” in that area.

Easter egg cupcakes

But we ALL have our vices.  We all have our ways of coping with the hard parts of our life.  ALL relatively bad for us.  And no one ever TOLD me how too much SUGAR could effect my brain!  (Erm, wull, K… maybe I just didn’t “hear” them or somethin’.  But, I digress…)

Sugar was my addiction.

I, Shawna McGreevy, was a sugar junkie.

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I would use my paper route money and buy GOBS of candy at the corner store… bring it home, and hide it in my closet to eat at my sweet, sugary will.  I’d grab handfuls of chocolate chips that my mom would stash in the pantry, every sneaky chance I got… and I used to stare at my grandmother’s candy dish, FILLED with candy every time I went there, and wonder to myself HOW it was possible for her to not sit her bum right down in front of it and devour every last morsel… all day long.

It was bad.

one wide 1

BUT, I will have you know that a couple years into my marriage (and several intense, life style changing, health food books later, due to my husband’s inherent CRAZY cholesterol problem) I kicked my sugar addiction.

Yes, that’s right.  I stand (K, well, I’m actually sitting, but whatev) here today, a proud surviving, EX-sugar addict.  I am clean, about 10 years running.

Why tell you all this?

tall 1

Because you must know.  You MUST have background info on me… so when I tell you that I simply CAN NOT STOP EATING THESE DANG NABBIT CADBURY MINI-EGGS, you’ll understand that it’s not a result of any addiction I currently have on my part…

both ways

so you’ll know that EVEN though I kicked my sugar habit a DECADE ago, and EVEN though I’ve no sort of past drug/alcohol addiction (alright, so sugar IS technically EIGHT times more addicting than cocaine, but never you mind that) I feel hopelessly and shamefully enslaved to these tiny little devil eggs.


I can’t stop shoving them into my mouth.

And I can’t stop thinking about them when I work up the will to even try.

WHAT do they put in these things????  CRACK??

I feel violated… hoodwinked.  And the worst part?  I love every second of it.

I am a hopeless mess.  And I don’t even want intervention.

My name is Shawna McGreevy, and I’m a Cadbury Mini-Egg addict.

(But Jesus has risen… and he’s covered even THAT for me, right?)


Up top is a video tutorial on how to use them on your Easter/spring cupcakes, this year!!
What?  Misery loves company.  Never said I was above THAT. 😉

Happy, HAPPY Easter, everyone!! Xx



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