Ever have one of those weeks where JUST when you think it’s not possible for your plate to become more full, you find that ten more things have somehow been heaped upon it?


Like, your brain is in overdrive… and when you look at the schedule, you sort of get this glazed over look in your eyes, wondering if THIS will be the week when God extends each day by five hours, allowing you to actually check off everything on that list that somehow got SERIOUSLY out of control…

(or maybe, instead, you’ll just end up rocking back and forth, curled up in the fetal position with your thumb in your mouth, of which will only be removed every so often to cry out the word, “Mama”?)

But then, you don’t want to complain, ’cause hey, this is life, and it’s a wild ride… and even though it can sometimes get out of control, you’re grateful for a heaping plate rather than an empty one.

And the blessings that have been bestowed upon you (four of which are off from school this same week on their spring break, and are currently smiling up at you, chattering away) are more abundant than you could have ever dreamed, and will still be right there with you no matter HOW many balls you drop.

off cloe 1

So you decide to just let your brain stop freaking out for a bit, relax your shoulders ever so slightly, and just do the best you can with what you’ve got.

left 1

And THEN when suddenly one of those blessing gets sick with a tummy ache and a fever, and another of those blessings hurts her little knee on that dag nabbit trampoline in the back yard so that she can barely walk without tears streaming down her face, you pick up your heavy plate, place it on the back burner, grab some cozy blankets and head off to the couch for some snuggle time…

knowing that you’ll eventually work through that plate, but for the time being you’ve got more important things to do.  ‘Cause right now, your blessings need a little extra tender loving care…

and what could possibly be more important than that?

bottom 1

Have you had one of those weeks?

You have.  I can see it on your face. (I can see through the screen, duh? )

So then you know that, somehow, it always turns out that those are the VERY sweetest weeks of them all.

(None of which has anything to do with my spring bunny cake, here… but you guys are really good listeners… and sometimes a girl’s just gotta rattle on ’bout something completely off topic, ya know?

You do.  Again, I can tell.  Love having you guys to rattle on to. Xx )

full 1


Some work in progress photos of the making of the cherry tree…



Airbrushed with sky blue on top, and two shades of green on the bottom (leaf green and electric green).


Got out two shades of brown airbrush colors (’cause they’re already thinned and ready to paint with) and some white gel color to tone down the warm brown a bit.


Drew the outline of the tree on with a brown food coloring marker (here) and filled in the tree with the warm brown airbrush color mixed with some white gel.


Then added some darker highlights with chocolate brown airbrush paint.


Blended them a bit with just some vodka (or extract will work) on a brush, and then added some light pink dabs to start the blossoms on the tree.


Used some darker pink royal icing and a tiny star tip and piped on some more blossoms.


Added some white royal icing dots and then some dark pink blobs to finish the look.

full 1

Added the bunnies, the basket and the balloons using some modeling chocolate…

and finished a fairly quick and easy spring cake in just under about four hours.

Hope your spring is filled with lots of bunnies (erm… ones that don’t feast upon your garden, anyway) and beautiful blossoms! Xx


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