I’ll never forget the day I first opened book one of J.K. Rowling’s masterpiece.

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I had never even heard of Harry Potter, then.  Not many had, really.  It was a very fresh kids series at the time, and the world hadn’t yet been given the chance to spread the word.

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It was the year I substitute taught in my local school district… about fifteen years ago, now. (*cringe*)  I was fresh out of college and answering those late night or early morning, automated phone calls, asking if I would “accept” to fill in for an absentee school teacher.  (How I mustered up the strength to answer “yes” to any of those robotic inquiries whilst still groggy from sleep is a wonder… but I digress.)

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The teacher I was filling in for, one morning, left me only a single task.  She wanted me to start reading this new book, Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone to her students… for the whole class period.  I was perfectly fine with that as I was a big fan of reading aloud to kids (had always had a bunch o’ fun with that) but I sorto’ rolled my eyes at the idea of reading the ENTIRE period.  She was clearly not in the mood to put together anything for me to “teach” that day.  But, what if the kids got bored?

HA!  I think back and can only chuckle at that last thought.  Bored?  BORED?

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We were riveted.  And when I say “we”, I mean every last human being, young or old (yeah, that’d just be me) in that classroom.  And when I say “riveted”, I mean the stopped-at-the-bookstore-on-the-way-home-and-pulled-out-my-wallet-’cause-I-HAD-to-know-how-it-ended kind of “riveted”.

I bought the book.  I read all night until it was finished.  And I NEEDED to get the next one in the series, like, ASAP.

little wafer ruffles

The boy who was forgotten… no, that’s not right… neglected, mistreated, mentally ABUSED for most of his childhood… only to one day find out that in another world, he was so very loved… revered even… and on top of it all, he had a heart of gold and the courage to fight evil for as long as it took to protect his friends…

that boy stole my heart.

Fleur up close 1

Yes, it was a kids’ book.  But somehow, it was so much more than that.  I fell in love that day, and waited with baited breath for each next book to be released so that I could grab a soft blanket, pull my knees up, and cozy into the corner of the couch, while getting lost in a world where good will always fight evil, and a kid who was shoved in a closet for most of his life, was finally let out… only to became the hero.

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And now my children have fallen in love, as well.  One of their favorite times of the day is right before bed, when they get to snuggle ’round their Papa (Thomas), while he reads to them of Harry and his magical world.

So when invited to be part of a group of cake artists, all intent upon bringing J.K.’s imagination to sweet, edible life, I could only say “Yes.  Yes, I would like that very, VURY much.”

Fleur center 1

We each chose a part of one of the books to represent, and I chose Bill and Fleur’s wedding.  I loved how Fleur stood by Bill, after his face had been scarred and his life changed forever… when no one thought she would.  Girl was made of more “stuff” than people pegged her for, and that’s always a scenario that moves me.

So I chose to recreate her, in her seriously cool wedding dress, on the day she stood by her man and said “forever… for better or worse.”

I’d love to meet J.K. for tea, some day… on the patio of a tucked away restaurant, on a warm, sunny fall afternoon.  And talk.

Yes.  I think I’d like to talk with that clever, brilliant, fanciful mind, very, VURY much. Xx

Fleur cake square

To see the rest of the SERIOUSLY fun Harry Potter edible art creations in this big, group project, visit the website, birthdaymischief.com!

I captured the making of this cake on video (at the top of the page) to give you an idea of how I went about creating Fleur and the tiny wafer paper ruffles on her dress.

aaaaaand just ’cause it’s fun to watch a time lapse video. 😉


I used a black candy pen to detail her dress…

I used brushes from this AWESOME set to paint on the details of her hair and face…

I used gray and black petal dusts to add the shading, but also mixed them with lemon extract to form the “paint”…

and I used a palette I use to mix my colors in.


Aaaaand here are just a couple o’ work in progress photos, as well…



Three tiers, covered in white (Carma) fondant and airbrushed with black Americolor food coloring airbrush “paint”, all set forward so that they are lined up and flush in the front, and slightly off center.


Fleur, hand cut out of gumpaste, painted (shown in the video) and then attached to the front of the cake with melted chocolate.

I also cut out the area where most of her dress would be and attached that as well, being nervous that the black paint job would smear onto my wafer ruffles when attaching them, if I hadn’t…. which probably wouldn’t have happened but ya just NEVAH KNOW.

little wafer ruffles

I cut the wafer paper into thin strips, brushed piping gel onto one side of the strips, and then pleated the strips with my hands and attached them onto the cake with some shortening (or you could use piping gel if you’d rather) starting at the bottom and overlapping each row as I went up.  At the top, I tucked them underneath the gumpaste plaque.

I added a second layer in select areas to give it just a bit more depth.

Full with ruby twist 1 with logo

I originally started with a black centered flower, but added some American red disco dust to it using some shortening, in order to celebrate J.K.’s birthday.

Her birthstone is the ruby.

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