I love them. I love everything about them.  Standing in front all of the people you care about most in this world, declaring your everlasting love and commitment to the human being that you’d give your life for, who is standing there next to you, declaring it right back.

It’s always moved me.

white roses on white 1

But these days, instead of sitting there silently watching with happy thoughts and watery eyes… I sit there quietly, with different, stronger emotions filling me up.

I find myself staring at the smiley couple, with one very loud, very important question running through my brain.  That question being very simple, yet so scarily complex.  That question being…”Are you ready?”

top tier 1

I want to ask them, while staring them square in the eyes, “ARE you READY?”

‘Cause while the number one thing I’ve learned so far during this short existence of mine is that I really, truly DON’T know much at all… there are just a few things I DO know for certain.  And one of them is that you’re going to have to fight to hold on to the good… the joy… the blessings you have been given in this life.

You’re going to have to wake up every day and put on your armor, take hold of your shield, and keep a firm grip on your sword.  Then you’re gonna have to straighten that back of yours, stand tall, and be ready.  ‘Cause there are so many things out there that are going to try and tear it all away from you.

close up rice skirt 1

It’s not going to be an easy fight.  There’ll be times when you’ll be afraid.  You’ll feel weak.  You’ll want to just lay down and give up.  You’ll be blinded, lied to, sometimes even maimed.  Every trick in the book will be thrown at you.

And to get through it all together, to be left standing, hand in hand on the top of the hill in the morning, you’ll have to fight for it.  You’ll BOTH have to fight for it.

It’s likely you’ll both stumble at some point along the way, but you’ve GOT to get up again.  If EITHER of you stop… if either of you give up the fight, you won’t make it out together.  And it might even turn one or both of you into something… someone you never meant to be.  Someone you can no longer face in the mirror.

middle dress tier 1

You’ll both have to decide for yourselves, every single day, that what you have… what you have been given, is worth fighting for.

You know it is… on this day when you’re dressed in your fairy tale garb, with your nearest and dearest looking on, invited for the very reason of declaring to them that through thick and thin, you won’t give up.

But you’ll have to know it every day after as well.  And if you hold on to that truth, and if you fight with all you have in you, TOGETHER, to keep it safe, the things in this world that will try endlessly to rip your heart out won’t stand a chance.

side white wedding 1

So the question is, “Are you ready?”

I pray that I am.  And that Thomas is.  Every day.  For the rest of our lives.  Lord, have mercy upon us.

‘Cause there’s another thing I know with all of my heart…

it’s worth it.  It’s so freaking worth it.


Please forgive my heaviness, this time around.  But it’s currently a subject close to my heart as I have some friends whose hearts are hurting right now, and some whose journeys are just beginning.

And I pray for both, that their happily-ever-after will come …  and will stay forever. Xx


I put together a quick video tutorial (at the top of the page) for you on how I made the rice paper “skirt” on the bottom tier.


And here are some notes on how the rest of the cake was made…


I covered each tier with my FAV brand o’ fondant, Carma, to begin with.  (I’m a mess using anything else.)

Then, I added the rice paper “skirt” using the method shown in the tutorial, above.


For the appliques, I used one of my favorite molds, the Roses Galore mold by First Impressions.  It’s not cheap, but I hmmed and hawed over getting it for the longest time, and I’ll tell you that it’s worth every penny.  It makes fabulous little, semi-3D roses in about three different sizes, and I’ve used it a gaZILLION times, already. LURVE it.

I also used my Ateco leaf plunger cutter set to make some quick and easy leaves to add to the design.  Those are fabulous to have around, as well.


Then, I just glued them on with shortening (you could use water or royal icing or any sort of edible glue, too) in a pattern that best represented the dress I was drawing my inspiration from.  (Scroll down to see the dress.)


So here’s the cake with the “appliques” added.  All white on white.  But I wanted them to “pop” in a subtle way… just a little bit more than they do here.

brilliant powder

So I used my edible silver glitter Brilliant Powder by PurColour that I got from the Pastry Portal a while back.  I mixed it with just a bit of Vodka (and by the way, it’s best to use regular vodka, not light, when you can… the higher the percentage of alcohol in your liquid, the better, but I was in a pinch so had to go with the “light”) and painted it onto the appliques.


It’s hard to see in some of the photos, but you can DEF see the difference it makes in this one.  The right side’s been painted with the silver powder and the left hasn’t.  It gave it just the edge I was going for.

white roses on white 1

I made a quick and easy wafer paper rose to top it off , painted the edges of it with the same silver powder mixture, and voila, she was done!

 Though my brain desperately wanted  to add just a pop of color, I shut it DOWN… stepped AWAY from the cake, and let it remain as true to the design of the dress as I could get it.

I know my brain was yelling, but I couldn’t hear a thing.

Getting SO much better at ignoring myself, these days. 😉

This cake was commissioned by Wedding Cakes & Sugar Flowers magazine.  It was designed after this gorgeous bridal dress from the amazing designer, Zuhair Murad’s wedding collection.


Check out the magazine, here, to see the rest of the stunning cakes created by my UBER talented cake artist colleagues, to represent more of Murad’s collection.


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