I’m just gonna go ahead and say it… it’s not my favorite.

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‘Cause I’m a scaredy cat.  And it’s pretty bad.  I mean…I won’t go into the gory details or anything (‘specially since I already did on last year’s Halloween/Sugar Spooks collab blog post) but let’s just say I was the kid who pretended to take a shower (instead of ACTUALLY taking one… cause my parents weren’t going to figure THAT one out real quick) ’cause I was sure there would be sharks swimming around my feet in the tub if I turned the water on.

Like, for REAL.

haunted house tier 1

Soooo…. we don’t do “scary” ’round these parts.  (At least not on purpose.)

But when my good friend (the CRAAAAZY talented cake artist) Avalon of Avalon Cakes asked if I’d take part in the online cake art collaboration again this year, the Sugar Spooks, and said my piece could be G-rated, I immediately started scouring the web for inspiration.

blue dragon baby 1

I needed “cutesy” Halloween… with just the teeeeeeeensiest edge of spooky.  The TEENSIEST.  And it wasn’t easy to find… but when I finally DID happen upon the work of artist, Chris Ryniak, I fell into instant, creepsy (cutsie + creepy) love!

He sketches these fun little characters under the label of “Morning Scribbles with Chris Ryniak” and then turns many of them into 3D resin sculptures.  You’ve GOT to check out his stuff… it’s SO super cool.  He’s got a Facebook page, here if you’ve got some extra time to get sucked into his world for a bit.

side 1

Anywhoo… I picked out a couple of my favs of his critters and did my best to replicate them using modeling chocolate and some edible paints and dusts.

I popped them atop of a two tier, kid-approved, spooky-ish Halloween cake with some fun hand cut silhouettes inspired by some clip art I found online, and some airbrush-colored wafer paper ribbons… and added my piece to the Sugar Spooks collaboration of some SUUUURIOUSLY talented cake artists.

pumpkin tier 1

But I warn you, before you click on the link to go see the rest of the insane pieces in this collab, BRACE yo’self.

Most are NOT for the faint of heart.  The display of skill is through the ROOF, fo’ SHO… but the “scary” is off the charts.  So if “incredibly spooky” is your thing, then have at it.

But if you’re SUURiously skittish like me, stick with the “G” rated photos on the site.  (And yes, Avalon actually went through and rated them all so as to not scare the BEJEEBERS out o’ everyone.)

‘Cause we scardy cats gotta sleep at night too, ya know. Xx

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In the video at the top of the page, I show you how I created the silhouette cutouts and also how I made the wafer paper bow borders.

Here are some work in progress photos on the making of Chris Ryniak’s critters, in modeling chocolate…

head face 1

I used my sugar shapers to score all of the lines and details needed on the figures.  LURVE my shapers.

See my blog post here on sugar shapers to read about how they’re used and also to get a 10% discount!

face body foot

Foot and toes.





pumpkin not colored

Pumpkin baby before he gets his color treatment.

pumpkin baby 1

I used petal dusts and airbrush food color paint to make ‘im PURTY.

Chris Ryniak figures w logo

And then, of course, he needed a friend.

EVVYbody needs a friend. 😉


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