Sooooo.. I’m leaving next week.  I’m leaving on a jet plane, and flyin’ on over to Birmingham, England to attend a big cake show, Cake International.  I’ll be giving some demonstrations while I’m there, meeting a ton of my online cake artist friends for the first time, and then gettin’ all fancy SCHMANCY, dressing up for the black tie, Cake Masters Awards show that Saturday night… at which there will be good eatin’, entertainment, dancing, and hopefully an ample amount of belly laughing.

And then I’m flying from there over to Dublin, Ireland to teach a few classes with Avalon Yarnes of Avalon Cakes and Liz Marek of Artisan Cake Company… and to hang out with my Irish friends of whom I laughed my BEHIND off with last June.

Ask me if I’ve got everything all ready and set to go.  Go ahead… ask me!

Ok nevermind, don’t ask me.  ‘Cause I don’t.  I’m kindo’ sorto’ dangerously close to resembling headless poultry, at the moment, running around frantically in the dirt.  It’s not pretty.

mod choc flowers 1

So… this gonna be a QUICK post, this week.  Like, a SUPAH speed blog post.  Gonna give you the facts, make sure you know how I gone and done made the cake, and then slip out all Speedy Gonzales-like.  Might not even use complete sentences.  (‘Case you hadn’t already noticed.)


close up 1


*AHEM*, here we go…

square watercolor buttercream 1

My cousin got married this summer.
I made him a wedding cake.


They wanted rustic buttercream.

We added a bit of pink to the tiers as his bride had some pink accents on her dress.

So I piped on two different shades of pink in spots.

(I used my all-butter buttercream recipe found on my recipe page.)


An then I used my bench scraper and my FAV revolving cake stand to scrape around the sides and blend it all together.


And then I filled in some gaps and added more pink…


And scraped again.

(Notice the cake is upside down.  I’m using the upside down technique to get SUPAH straight edges that I show you how to achieve in my sharp edged ganache video.  It can be used for buttercream too. 🙂 )


Then I used my small angled spatula and held it against the buttercream, horizontally, and gently spun my turntable.




Four tiers of rustic, watercolor buttercream.

(Can’t wait to try this again adding more colors and keeping the finish smooth!!)

watercolor bc 1

I made some wildflowerish flowers out of homemade modeling chocolate and stuck them on with extra buttercream.


And then went to the par-TAY, watched my cousin pledge his love to his beautiful bride…

and proceeded to dance the night away with the rest o’ my cousins and family.

To say it was “fun” would be a GROSS understatement.

(And I even got to wear heels.)

Talk to ya next week from the oth-ah side o’ the pond! Xx


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