Yep. Even I was into them when I was a kid.

And I was NOT a sci-fi lover. Like, AT ALL. I mean, I completely respect my Trekkie friends out there, but Star TREK was just not something I could get all excited about.

star wars 1

But the Star WARS movies?
Well, there was Leia.
And Han Solo, who was in love with her even though they bickered all of the time. (Which they only did ’cause they were SECRETLY in love and wanted to flirt but didn’t feel they could do so publicly.
R2D2 was THE.MAN. (Errr… you know what I mean.)
And the ewoks were kindo’ cute. Strange, but cute.

Yes. I am SUCH a girl, I know.

But a girl who happily watched the series right along side her brother, back in grade school.

Vader 1

The second series that came out when I was in college… movies I, II and III?
Well I don’t know WHAT happened there, but Jar Jar Binks was enough to put a serious damper on ANYONE’S good mood… and the whole “I’ve turned to the dark side ’cause I was too attached to you and couldn’t let go of you, and I know the Jedi have never trusted me” deal that Anakin/Darth Vader put out there, was just…
Worst love story EVER.

I lost interest.
(What? I AM still a girl. Deprive me of my (good) love story and I hold a grudge.)

yoda 1

So when all o’ the hoopla and ballyhoo started up about this new, latest addition to the series, I was, needless to say, uninspired.

BUT, one of my close friends is a fanatic.
And so is her husband.
As well as her kids. (You know, like wear-a-new-Star-Wars-t-shirt-every-day-for-a-week-until-the-launch-of-the-new-movie kind of fanatic.)


And for her husband’s (who has also been my friend since high school) 40th birthday, she rented out a showing at the local theater the morning after it came out. And she invited all of their nearest and dearest to attend and surprise her husband as he walked in to finally see the movie.
He was surprised.
It was fun.
And the movie (while still not quite up to my standards in the “love” department) was surprisingly really good.

side 1

So I’m back. I’ll watch the next one when it comes out… praying that Jar Jar doesn’t make some kind of freakish reappearance, and hoping that George Lucas gives us girlie girls a love story to hang your hat on.
Even if it’s Chewy falling head over furry heals.

Come on George… give us SOMETHING. 😉

The video shows you how I created the 2D edible cut outs of Darth and Yoda.
It’s super easy and makes you feel good about yourself when you’re through.
‘Cause you can’t believe you made the image look like it’s supposed to.
And it was SUPER EASY.
(Have I mentioned that?)

star wars 1


I also wanted to mention that I’m sponsoring the latest shirt in the 26 Shirts series at, a company owned and operated by Del Reid (the birthday boy himself), which sells different limited edition sports-themed t-shirts every two weeks…and the BEST part?
For every shirt sold, $8 is donated directly to a family in need.

Families with needs like…

A daughter who’s barely a year old and fighting leukemia.

Another daughter who has had an eye removed because of a rare pediatric cancer.

A family whose son was hit by a car, and now they have to commute between Buffalo (where they live/work) and Pittsburgh (where he’s being treated).

The list goes on and on.

The shirt I’m sponsoring is a SERIOUSLY cool Buffalo/Star Wars themed shirt (which is why I’m mentioning it here) and it’s only available through this Sunday if you’re interested in purchasing!  You can check it out HERE or by clicking the picture below.


K.  Now go see the new Star Wars movie if you haven’t yet.
‘Cause you know you’re curious.
And you KNOW how that ^^^ ended for the cat.  Xx



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