Life isn’t easy.

It can be filled with unspeakable joy, love that runneth over, and peace of a supernatural kind… but it is not now, nor will it EVER be “easy”.
Everyone has their struggles.

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Some struggles are out in the open for all of the world to see and judge… and some are secret and silent.
The latter, I daresay, are the more dangerous kind.
‘Cause it’s harder to get help when nobody knows.
It’s harder to break free of the chains around your hands and neck when you’re the only who has any idea they’re there.

I’m certain this is not news to you…  ’cause I know you’ve got silent struggles of your own, whether they’re seemingly small and insignificant… or they’re slowing killing you from the inside out.
We all do.

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This cake was made to help bring awareness to one of the battles that has broken down so many hearts and stolen so much joy.
The battle of eating disorders.

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This particular struggle has never been one of my own, though interestingly enough there were always those who wondered if it was.
‘Cause I was a seriously skinny kid.
And no, not the “don’t you wish you could be her” kind.  More like the “gangly, ohmygosh-if-she-turns-sideways-you’ll-barely-be-able-to-see-her” kind.  And I hated it.
I had this crazy metabolism where it didn’t matter how much I ate (and of what sort of food I shoved down) I simply COULD not put on a pound.
And it was my biggest insecurity.

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I know that may bring on some eye-rolls of the whitest sort, and trust me, I DO realize the irony of this.
And while it’s true that today, that annoying metabolism (though it HAS since decided to take a nice relaxing vacation on the beach, indefinitely) is no longer something I despise… it was, in fact, a REAL source of anxiety and stress in my life.
And even so, I am certain there isn’t a chance it TOUCHED the anxiety, stress and pain involved in an eating disorder.

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I have had other, more debilitating struggles in my life, though, and I know how something can paralyze you and chain you up against the wall.
And it doesn’t feel like you’ll ever be strong enough to break free of those chains.

But that’s a lie.
A bold faced one.

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For me, because I believe with all of my heart that God is real and is in the business of breaking those chains to smithereens, I look up for help.  And I kid you not, I get it EVERY time.

But even if you don’t hold that same belief, there is something you can do that can help start loosening those chains, little by little.
Again, though, it’s not easy.

You can tell someone who loves you.


I know from experience that this is a critical, strategic maneuver in any life battle plan.  A powerful one. It’s like a light in the darkness when you can’t see an inch in front of your face.
It changes everything.
‘Cause we weren’t meant to go at this life alone.  We’ve always needed help.

And “though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.”
Better yet, “A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” – Ecclesiastes 4:12

So I guess what I’m saying is… chains suck.
And we’ve all got ’em.
You are NOT alone.

But… I’ll help unlock yours, if you’ll help unlock mine. ♥

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My Periwinkle Girl… done as part of the Sweet Periwinkle cake collaboration, brought together with the hope of promoting Eating Disorder Awareness.

And piling up one heck of a HEAP of unlocked chains. Xx

Check out the rest of the cakes done for this project, here.


How I designed and made this cake…


I found two online drawings, each of girls that I wanted to use certian aspects of.  I then printed them out the to right size for my cake.
(Not sure of the creator of either or them 🙁 )
And I pieced them together to form what I was looking for.


Next, I used the method I usually do when wanting to transfer an image onto gumpaste/fondant.
Check out some of my newer, detailed videos of how I do it as a member of Cakeheads, like the Halo guy tutorial, the Mermaid & Prince tutorial,
or watch this Free version, HERE.


Lines drawn in with food coloring pen.


Some shading with gray petal dust.


Some more shading with blue petal dust.


And some MORE shading with “eggplant” petal dust.


I let her dry for just a short while, and then cut her in half, under the chin.


I attached each section onto the cake with melted candy melts to make sure they stayed in place, but shortening actually works fine in a pinch, as well.


I airbrushed some wafer paper,  and then used my hydrangea paper punch to easily cut out lots of blossoms.
(Unfortunately, I didn’t have a five petal punch so I fudged the periwinkle blossoms a little bit by layering them. *nervous chuckle*)
And I held each blossom in front of my travel steamer for a second or two to give them some movement.


I started adding the petals, using shortening to attach them, and once all were set, I painted on the centers of each using a mixture of petal dusts and Everclear alcohol.

full 1

And my sweet periwinkle girl was finished.

Now she just needs to look up.


  1. Patronela 3 years ago

    What’s the black tool you use when transferring images

    • Author
      cakeheadShawna 3 years ago

      That’s the opposite end of a paint brush, Patronela. I love this paint brush set because each brush has a beveled opposite end which is very effective for tracing, scooping up petal dusts and such. Here’s a link to the set I have…

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