I’ve named her, “Joy”.

I mean, she’s brought so much of into my life, I felt it only appropriate.

workbox cake straight 1

EVERY time I open her up and smell her heavenly cabinet smell, a serious surge of happiness overwhelms me.
I kid you not.
It’s really real.

open door 1 logo

Yes, I’m talking about my REAL Workbox 2.0, sent to me by The Original Scrapbox company.
Yes, she’s an inanimate object.
But that means nothing.

open door logo

To ME, she is goodness.
She is fulfillment.
She is light.

She is happiness… in a box.  And I love her.

workbox cake scale 1

In fact, I love her so much that I even decided to make a cake replica of her… and video tape the making of it just for fun… aaaand even put together another video of me showing you how I’ve set up my REAL workbox…

’cause it just feels like you should know about her.
And maybe even someday, have Joy for yourself.

cut cake 1

‘Cause to sum her all up in one word is simple… HEAVEN.
The Workbox 2.0 by The Original Scrapbook company is a little (*cough* BIG) slice of Heaven on Earth.

And I’m quite certain that if you get YOUR hands on one of these babies… you’ll feel exactly the same.

Wishing you sweet Workbox dreams, everyone. 😉 Xx

workbox cake side 1


The video of the making of the cake replica is up above, and here’s the video of my showing you all of the goodness found in a real Workbox 2.0, and how I set mine up…



Check out the Workbox 2.o, the Ribbon Box, and all of the other FABulous products they have over at theoriginalscrapbox.com!

real workbox


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