Buttercream was my first love.

Did I ever tell you that?


But, I have to say… it was a love born out of necessity rather than choice.
I was scared outta mah MIND to try and “figure out” fondant.

full wreath 1

So I dove into the wonderful world of buttercream and spent countless hours attempting to perfect the smooth buttercream finish technique for my cakes.

side angle 1

The thing is, I always made my DECORATIONS out of fondant.  THAT didn’t scare me (err… nearly as much).

So whilst I worked away on my buttercream finishes and my fondant/gumpaste/modeling chocolate decorations, a crying shame was in the making and I didn’t even know it.

cupcakes 1

I somehow completely bypassed the absolutely gorgeous and seriously addicting world of buttercream flowers!

cupcakes 2

(Totes) Stupid.

front 1

But seeing all of the breathtaking buttercream floral creations floating around the web lately, my fingies done gone and started a twitchin’.
And then my whole body started to shake.  (Weird, right?)

top side wreath 1

And it became painfully clear that I could no longer continue on in a healthy manner until I broke out my pastry bags, unearthed my piping tips… and gave one of these buttercream beauties a go!

cupcakes top 1

So’s I did.

And I videoed it for you so you could see how I did it.

full wreath 1

And now I have one MORE addiction to deal with, ’cause DANG.  That was fun.

*sigh* I’m so weak.

top 2 1

Click HERE to see the buttercream recipe I used to make the flowers!


In the video, I show you how I made all of the buttercream flowers used for this cake and these cupcakes, including the traditional rose, a frilly rose, a David Austin-type rose, a carnation, a blossom, a… another blossom, and a tulip-like flower (using one of my new Russian piping tips… which I’m kindo’ in LURVE with)…



And I strongly uuuuurge you to give some of these flowers a go.  They’re super easy (though don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t get them right away… EVVYbody needs some practice) and pretty impressive to your friends who’ve never even HEARD of a piping bag.

Knaw I’m sayin’?Xx



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