My beautiful friend just turned 40.

Full buttercream swirl 1

(I will not comment on how ridiculous it is that my friends and I are suddenly old enough to plan 40th birthday celebrations for ourselves/each other.  Nor will I mention the more-pronounced-than-ever crow’s feet that have assumed command of my face, seemingly to remind me of such absurd times.)

How can it be?  My lying little brain still tells me I’m 20!!

watercolor buttercream 2

Moving on.
When asked what style cake Pam (said beautiful friend) would like for her big four-zero, she responded with “just a simple yet elegant buttercream finish”.

And of course, my brain instantly declared war upon itself.


One half started with, “No WAY.  She deserves more than SIMPLE!  Not HAVING it!”
And the other half came right back with, “Uhhh, shut it.  Simple and elegant buttercream sounds lovely. And quite frankly, you could afford to develop your “simple” skills.  Not everything has to be so… busy.”

(What?  Your brains don’t yell at each other?)

wafer flowers

I went with bossy brain #2.  Mostly because you’ve got to give your friend what she wants, right?

Ok, the twist though, is that Pam LUUURVES the designer, Lilly Pulitzer.
Like, LUUURVES her.

So, I thought it might be fun to add some of Lilly’s signature colors into the simple-elegant mix.  And with that idea, I knew I wanted to do something a little different with the buttercream finish…

so both brains agreed that this two-toned, buttercream swirl idea might be fun.

buttercream swirl 1

And hopefully elegant enough to fit the bill?
(Ya just never know how these new, “bright” ideas are gonna work out. Knaw I mean?)

So I went with it.
And (hallelujah) Pam loved it!
Which made both my brains happy.

Which is always a good thing.

top 1

Oh, and one more note about my beautiful friend Pam… she’s SUPAH talented!
She’s a cookie artist (Sweet P’s Cookies),  and she made some gooooorgeous birthday cookies to add to the dessert table (yes, that is what we do… we make these things for our own birthdays too, ’cause…well, why not?)…

and they matched perfectly!

Pam's cookies

See how gorgeous?!

dessert table

(And, err… they tasted just as “gorgeous”, too.  Just sayin’.)


Happy birthday to my beautiful, fabulous, Lilly Pulitzer loving friend, Pam.
May you always be surrounded by love,
may your cup always runneth over,

and may you always have some Lilly in your life… for those gray days when you need a li’l extra “color”.
(Or at least some Lilly-colored buttercream.  That’ll work, too. 😉 ) Xx

Full buttercream swirl 1


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