It’s been one year since the opening of our online cake decorating school,, and I am just blown away by the blessing it’s been on my own life!
I am also so ridiculously happy to report the blessing so many of our members have reported it’s been on their lives, as well!
We’ve gotten so many heartfelt notes from some of the amazing people who have joined Cakeheads that we truly feel our cup runneth over.

So we wanted to do something special to celebrate the one year anniversary of while showing off the work of our fabulous members, and decided to add a fun new aspect to the Cakeheads membership – Cakeheads Awarded Artists!

You can read all about it on the Cakeheads Awarded Artists page, but basically, all Cakeheads members are invited to share a photo of their work each month to be reviewed by a panel of unbiased judges (*AHEM* Thomas and our kiddos 🙂 ) who will then pick a winner for the month to receive an exclusive Awarded Artists t-shirt and who will also be featured in a blog post on both the McGreevy Cakes blog here and!

And we have officially begun!

Our very first featured Awarded Artist is Stacey Jimenez of Daisy’s Bakeshop, with this winning Triceratops cake photo she entered!

Here’s a little look into the life and work of Stacey…

“I have been married for 6 years to my husband Milo and I’m a mother of three kids (Cameron, Mia and LJ).
I reside in Coalinga, California and work as a Police Officer, making cakes in my free time.
I have enjoyed baking since I was 12 years old and am currently in the process of getting my business, Daisy’s Bakeshop, licensed for a cottage food operation.

I began decorating cakes about 7 years ago, when my eldest daughter, Cameron,
wanted a “Cake Boss Cake” for her 10th birthday. I told her I couldn’t afford a cake like that, but I would try making her one myself. She told me she wanted an Alice in Wonderland themed cake.
I made her cake, which wasn’t bad for my first attempt, but it could have used some help.
Once I began learning the art of cake decorating, I fell in love. I found cake artists who I aspired to be like, such as Avalon Yarnes, Liz Marek, Kara Andretta, Timbo Sullivan, and of course Shawna McGreevy. I would watch their tutorials, but never imagined I could achieve anything close to what they were making, and I was too scared to even try it.
About a year ago, I stepped out of my comfort zone and made my first structured cake. It boosted my confidence in my abilities to decorate cakes tremendously. I’ve only made a few so far, but I look forward to making more in the future.
The Triceratops cake I made, was for my son LJ’s 5th Birthday. LJ absolutely loves dinosaurs and when I saw Timbo Sullivan’s Triceratops cake, I knew I needed to replicate his design.
The cake structure was chocolate cake, Swiss meringue buttercream, and rice cereal treats which were sculpted and covered in chocolate ganache, and then covered in fondant.
The fondant was dyed a teal color and then it was textured, hand painted, airbrushed and petal dusted to achieve the final look and color.
The larger horns on the top of the head had toothpicks to help keep them in place. Other than the toothpicks, everything else was edible.
The cake board was covered in brown sugar (sand) and hand sculpted fondant leaves.”
Check out Stacy’s Facebook business page, here…
Cake Design Credits:
Triceratops (Timbo Sullivan Design)
Dallas Cowboys Jason Witten Pop Head Cake (Inspired by Avalon Yarnes – Pop Head Superhero Cake Design)


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