As I mentioned last month, we’ve recently launched the new Cakeheads Awarded Artist program!

You can read all about it on the Cakeheads Awarded Artists page, but basically, all Cakeheads members are invited to share a photo of their work each month to be reviewed by a panel of unbiased judges (*AHEM* Thomas and our kiddos 🙂 ) who will then pick a winner for the month to receive an exclusive Awarded Artists t-shirt and who will also be featured in a blog post on both the McGreevy Cakes blog  and on!

This month’s featured Awarded Artist is Magdalena Kubis of Art of Cake New York, with her winning Skating Santa cake photo she entered!

Here’s a little look into the life and work of Magda…

“I was born and grew up in Poland. 25 years ago I made New York City my second home.
I graduated college with a degree in Computer Information Systems but spent years working as a men’s accessories and jewelry buyer for Bergdorf Goodman – a luxury retail store in NYC. I currently freelance for Jan Leslie, a jewelry designer, so I’m still very involved in the men’s retail world.

I have 3 daughters who like to “help” mommy make cakes by eating the leftover fondant 😉 I also get to
fulfill their crazy birthday cake ideas!

I started to play around with cake decorating a little over 3 years ago when I organized a baby shower for my friend. I wanted her to have a cool cake so I set out to buy one only to find out they were a bit more expensive than I anticipated. I figured I’d make one myself.

(Original design: Avalon Yarnes)

It turned out to be quite an expensive project to make as I had no tools and, well, no
Looking at the picture I have of that first cake (not one of the photos included here, btw 😉 ) I can’t help myself but laugh out loud. I’ve been hooked since!”

(Original design: Liz Marek)

Magda has since started her own cake decorating company, Art of Cake New York, where you can check out her beautiful cake artistry and order one for yourself if you’re in the area. 🙂

A little insight into how she made her fabulous Skating Santa cake…

“This was a first cake I’ve created for no apparent reason, other than I wanted to use the knit molds I just purchased from Marvelous Molds and maybe the fact that it was Christmas time and it’d be nice to
have something to post on my page 😂

So, I googled Santa and and found an image that I liked and thought I could replicate in cake form.

I had a grand plan to use isomalt to create ice on the cake board but that didn’t quite work out. Instead, I went with using a home made glaze (corn syrup + vodka) which I used to add shine to the fondant on the cake board and create an illusion of ice.

I’ve used RKT for the underbelly. Basic threaded rod structure and anodized Aluminum wire with some RKT for the hat support.

The Pom-Pom was just a styrofoam ball covered in fondant and sprinkled with some grated wafer paper to make it look “fuzzy”. I’ve also used wafer paper to make the present box he’s holding.

The rest of the Santa was cake and Fondant.”

See more of Magda’s work on her business Facebook page, here… Art of Cake!

  1. Egbesandrine01 4 months ago

    Please do you have a video on how you made the Santa? Will really love to learn

    • Author
      Shawna 3 months ago

      I believe that Magda does have a video on how she made the santa!! But it’s in Polish as she made it for the Polish community. You can message her on her page (found up in the post 🙂 to find out details!

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