I love to use Cake Dutchess Modeling Paste with the molds!
If I have no time to spare for the body parts to dry, I’ll use modeling chocolate for the torso (and sometimes the head) instead.

Fondant or gumpaste can be used with the molds as well!

Watch the free video on how to paint a face on your figure, here… https://cakeheads.com/2019/01/21/video-creating-painting-a-face-with-the-cakeheads-face-mold/

Purchase the molds here… https://cakeheads.com/shop/

Become a Cakeheads.com member and watch how to I used the molds to create this Alice cake topper and  teacup cake…

and how I created this bunny girl figure and cake…

and how I created this mermaid girl figure and cake…


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