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Make quick and easy faces for your figures using this high quality, food grade, silicone face mold!

Use this mold as is, or as a base to create several different facial expressions (as seen in video).

Can be used with a number of different mediums, including fondant, modeling chocolate, melted chocolate and clay.

Mold creates a head that is 2” tall and works perfectly with the Cakeheads Body Mold Set!

Click HERE to see a video on how to easily use these molds!

And click HERE to watch the video of how I create/paint a female face!

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*Also available in Australia/New Zealand at Cake Stuff!  Click HERE to order from New Zealand.
*Also available in the United Arab Emirates and India at
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See the video on how to use these molds, HERE!

See the video showing how to create/paint a face, HERE!



“I think this is one of the best investments in cake tools I’ve made. I love that I can start with all the basic features I need but can make changes and modify it to my needs. Thank you Shawna for making such an awesome product 😊  P.S. I think I’ll be ordering another one soon” – Nayda of W.E. Sugar Art

nayda simba 2 Nayda


“I am happy to say I have this mold from McGreevy Cakes and I love, love, love it!!! In the past I had to pass up doing figures because for some odd reason my faces alwayscame out looking like Zombies with Kim Kardashian lip injections! (Was not pretty) I am feeling much more confident with this mold! So if you are like me and can’t seem to get the face to look like anything short of a bad dream, this mold is for you! Thank you Shawna, I will be posting more pics when she is completed! xoxo” – Maria


Baked's mermaid face mold

“That mold was a great investment. It saved me so much time and stress.  I haven’t used many molds so was pretty nervous but it was pretty simple.  The face mold is outstanding. I highly recommend it.” – Rebecca of Baked! Custom Cakes By Rebecca


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Dimensions 5.75 × 5.25 × 4.5 in

8 reviews for Cakeheads Face Mold

  1. Jeanine (verified owner)

    Really good quality face mold that works every time! Worth every penny. The face is really cute and can be manipulated with ease. I honestly didn’t have the confidence to make people and after getting this mold, i became more eager to try and experiment and have even produced people that i actually love! Cant recommend highly enough!

  2. Magda

    I could make a face no matter how much I tried! With this face mold i was finally able to make a figure that looked like a human vs. an alien! Love it!

  3. MARIA

    These molds are game changers! No more trying to get the arms and hands to match each other, the legs to look like legs instead of lumps of gumpaste! The body can be made to look like a man, woman or child! This mold is everything!!! All the work is done for you, you just need to use your imagination and dress it up!

  4. combatcarman (verified owner)

    This mold set is the perfect addition to any cake decorators toolbox and they are so versatile and easy to use. They make sculpting people so quick and easy and they turn out perfect every time. Highly recommend this product for cakers at any level of experience. I absolutely love it!!

  5. gallanj1 (verified owner)

    Want to make the cutest doll heads ever! This face mold makes you feel like a pro. So So easy to use! This has increased the quality of my sculpting ten fold! My mind is spinning with all the cute toppers I can create!

  6. Debbie Rogers

    I love this mould! It is versatile and gives such a great base for so many expressions and styles. Watch the videos and hey presto faces will not be the scary part of any future models! Thanks Shawna, great mould. xxx

  7. Sara Cordazzo (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this mold. It makes it much easier and faster to work on fondant figures. I made figures in the past but some day you just don’t have the time or it’s just not working. With this mold you are guarantee your final project will look professional.

  8. Nicole Stewart

    Amazing product! I was so scared of making faces and sculpting people! Then I was introduced to Shawna’s face mold and it totally changed the game for me!! Gave me such a boost in confidence that I could do faces, other figures, and anything else I wanted to try!!! Very amazing product!! Such a great investment!!

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