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SUPER Easy Meringue Buttercream! (My New Favorite!)
This is an adaptation of Lauren Kitchen's Easy Buttercream recipe. It's a little bit sweeter than her original recipe (but definitely not too sweet!) and works well for piping flowers and buttercream designs, as a buttercream underneath fondant (as it hardens in the fridge nicely to get those sharp edges on your fondant) or just left as a buttercream finish on your cake. It's my new favorite!! One batch of this recipe will fill a 6 quart Kitchen Aid mixer!
Keyword buttercream
Keyword buttercream
  1. Measure your egg whites in your mixing bowl.
  2. Add your powdered sugar to the bowl.
  3. Using the paddle attachment, beat on medium high for 5 minutes.
  4. Set mixer to medium/low and gradually add your SOFT butter while scraping the bowl when needed.
  5. Add your vanilla.
  6. Beat for 5-10 minutes on medium high (until it gets light and fluffy). Beat on low setting for a couple of minutes to help remove any large air bubbles.
Recipe Notes

Storage:  The day after you make the buttercream, you will need to whip it at medium speed for 5 minutes.  Store at room temp (68-74 degrees F) for up to two weeks! (Crazy but true!)  Store in the refrigerator for up to two months.  Store in the freezer for up to six months.

You can use fresh egg whites but it will decrease the shelf life of the buttercream unless you pasteurize them yourself.  (Meringue powder as a replacement is not recommended.)

Color your buttercream with gel paste or oils.

1/4 of the butter used in this recipe can be replaced with shortening when/if necessary for hot and humid climates.

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  1. Wilda De Jesus 1 month ago

    Will this taste too buttery?

    • Author
      Shawna 1 month ago

      It’s really a matter of personal preference, Wilda. I LOVE this buttercream because it’s more buttery and way less sweet than American buttercream. But if you really love the intense sweetness of American buttercream, this recipe will probably taste a bit buttery to you. It is very much like traditional awiss or Italian meringue buttercreams. 🙂

  2. Julie Morey 4 months ago

    Hi Shawna.
    Is there a tutorial on how to achieve the painted look on this cake. It’s such a pretty cake.

    • Author
      Shawna 4 months ago

      Hi Julie! There’s not at the moment…but it’s actually super easy to do. Ice your cake in the base color so it’s “finished” (no crumbs…in this case the base color is white) and put it in the freezer for a half hour so it can firm up. Then take it out and use a small pallet knife with a different colored buttercream on it and swipe up from the bottom about half way. Do that all the way around the cake, and then start over with a different colored buttercream, swiping over top of the first colored layer, but only going about a quarter of a the way up so that some of the first color isn’t covered up.
      And that’s it! I pushed some sprinkles on top of the colors after that, but that’s the general idea!

  3. Roylene 5 months ago

    Shawna, how would you make the buttercream whiter?

    • Author
      Shawna 4 months ago

      Hi Roylene! What I normally do is to get the TINIEST amount of violet/purple gel color on just the tip of a toothpick and then wipe the toothpick into the bowl of buttercream, and then mix the buttercream (in my mixer) again. The smallest amount of violet works against the yellow of the buttercream to kind of cancel it out and make it whiter…BUT if you add too much, even the slightest bit too much, it will start to look grey instead of white. So you start with just a touch on the tip of a toothpick for one full batch and then add more in the same way if needed.
      Also, I just ordered Wilton’s White-White Icing Color and am waiting for it to arrive from Amazon (here… as I’ve heard that by adding it to your icing, it definitely helps get it white! I’ll let you know how that goes in an upcoming video!

  4. 9 months ago

    do you sift the powdered sugar first?

    • Author
      Shawna 9 months ago

      I never do, Linda! (But I’m lazy. 😉 Though, I’ve never had any issues at all when not sifting the sugar!)

  5. carolann7290 9 months ago

    Hey love bug. Can this recipe be halved? I don’t have a 6 qt mixer. ☹️

  6. Richele McHenry 11 months ago

    Can this be used immediately after making or do you need to let it sit for a day? Thank you!

    • Author
      Shawna 11 months ago

      It can be used immediately, Richele, with no problem at all! Xx

  7. Gfonseca 12 months ago

    How many sticks of butter is 3 lbs? Thanks!!

  8. Olgad 1 year ago

    Hi there, any chance we can have this recipe in metrics – grams/kg’s?


    • Author
      Shawna 1 year ago

      Olga, use Google to covert the fluid ounces (egg whites) to milliliters, and pounds to grams (and you can convert the Tablespoons to milliliters, too!) for any recipe you need Xx

  9. KatsKonfections 1 year ago

    I need a dairy free buttercream icing. Can I substitute earth balance for the butter?

    • Author
      Shawna 1 year ago

      Though I’ve never substituted with Earth’s Balance, I can imagine it would work fine, Kats! Though I would definitely test out a batch for taste before using it on a cake/cupcakes as I know some people definitely prefer certain butter substitutes over others when it comes to buttercream. 🙂

  10. Hagar 1 year ago

    U dont put the egg white on douple boiler

    • Author
      Shawna 1 year ago

      Nope, Hagar! Just make sure you buy the already pasteurized kind in the store (refrigerated, usually near the eggs) or pasteurize them yourself!

  11. WINDI PORTENGA 1 year ago

    Which is more stable for hot climates, the super easy meringue or the American buttercream with all butter?

    • Author
      Shawna 1 year ago

      Windi, I’d say they’re both about the same due to the fact that they are both all butter based. For hot climates, if you’re afraid of melting, you’d want to swap out some of the butter for shortening. In this recipe, you can swap out up to 1/4 of the butter for shortening… and if going the American buttercream route, use the Crusting American Buttercream recipe on the site.

  12. Julie Morey 1 year ago

    Thanks Shawna. When do you add the powdered sugar?

    • Author
      Shawna 1 year ago

      Sorry Julie… just fixed it!!! And quadruple checked it. 😉

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